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My 2 year old son contracted the hands, mouth and feet virus from another child in the daycare.

The doctors told me it takes 6 weeks to 6 months for the outbreaks to go away. I gave him one teaspoon of the “recell” 4 times a day and put a dab of it on the openings. 2 days later the outbreaks were healed and gone and never came back.

Another 5 month old baby had the hands, mouth, and feet virus too. He had it for 3 months though. The baby was completely horrible with big , leaking and infected (Pustule). The doctors couldn’t give him anything because he was too young and the virus had to run its course. I gave some to his mother and told her to do the same thing.

Literally a week later she brung him to my house he looked completely different. No new outbreaks. they were completely gone or the scabs were falling off. I was completely shocked because I thought it would at least take a month to go away from him. I love this stuff. I don’t use anything else when we get sick. Thank you so much!! 🤗appreciate it dearly. K Rainy

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