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Healing is a gift from God, but your health is YOUR responsibility.

Meet Dr. Shirley Hill, NFH


Dr. Shirley Hill is a Natural Food Hygienist. She earned her Certification, with honors, as a Nutrition  Specialist and Educator from Ashworth College in Atlanta Georgia. Additionally, she holds a PhD in Food Chemistry. As the Wellness-Administrator for Sakal Global Nation and Sakal Community Development, she has been sent all over the U.S. to care for many leaders.  Affectionately called The Apostle of Nutrition, Dr. Hill effectively uses food as medicine even in the most extreme cases.

She has researched, written and edited “The Role of Ministry in Disease Prevention”,  “The Mingled Seed", & "The New Face on Childcare.” She has also developed curriculum for the Ford Motor Company-Daycare Provider Training Program and more.

Dr. Hill was a regular guest on TBNs national "Doctor to Doctor" TV show, "Mind, Body, and Soul" - Monthly Wellness Program with Annette Harris, as well as The "Ask Dr. Ron" Radio Broadcast. She has also taught the "Eat to Live" Nutrition Course at Chicago State University, and "Nutrition God's Way" classes at Trinity Inductive Bible Study College.

It was Dr. Hill’s pleasure to assist four-time heavyweight champion of the world - Evander Holyfield back to health and school officials in Marmalade Haiti to keep more than 200 children safe from disease during the cholera outbreak. In addition to consulting with A. Kenneth Fowler of Free Port Grand Bahamas, to bring a Cancer prevention initiative to that country. Dr. Hill is also Founder of the National Association of Christian Care Givers, and a visiting Professor at Sakal Bible College and Seminary.


Her dedication to the health and well-being of others
earned Dr. Hill The Black Essence Award in 2010 and the Lady of Distinction Award in 2018.

Dr. Hill is a member of the following associations:
• The American Cancer Society
• The American Diabetes
• The Action For Healthy Kids
• Organic Consumers Association
• The Association For Christian

Appearances , Events, & Workshops

Radio Shows, Television Appearances, Free Wellness Workshops... Tap here to find out what Dr. Hill is doing next!

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Personal, Family & Group Consultation


Sit down with Dr. Hill and ask all the questions that you have concerning your own condition and get a personalized analysis / plan of how you can alter your diet to heal your body. You can live disease-free. Let MoPheth show you how!

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