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It's All ABout The Rainbow Salad!

Benefits of The Rainbow salad:

1.  Strong immunostimulator

2.  Antimicrobial renders bacteria, parasites, fungi and virus' ineffective 

3. Anti-inflammatory

4. Lowers cholesterol

5. Protects the liver

6. Prevents/reduces brain inflammation

7. Attaches to cholesterol to breakup membrane

8. Wards off cell damage

9. Increased cardiovascular health

Ingredients of the Rainbow Salad Spring mix, includes purple and blue anthocyanins, greens to cleanse at cellular level.

Red, yellow, & orange bell peppers, contains vitamin C to protect and repair DNA.

Seeded cucumbers to cleanse lymphatic system. Broccoli sprouts for sulforaphane.

Heirloom tomatoes to regulate hormones.


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