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"Be In Health" begins now!

Your journey to

About your Instructor: Dr. Shirley Hill (NFH)

Dr. Shirley Hill is a Natural Food Hygienist. She earned her Certification,

with honors, as a Nutrition  Specialist and Educator from Ashworth

College Atlanta Georgia. Additionally, she holds a PhD in Food Chemistry.

As the Wellness-Administrator for Sakal Global Nation and Sakal

Community Development, she has been sent all over the U.S. to care

for many leaders.

It was Dr. Hill’s pleasure to assist  school officials in Marmalade Haiti to keep more than 200 children safe from disease during the cholera outbreak. In addition to consulting with A. Kenneth Fowler of Free Port Grand Bahamas, to bring a Cancer prevention initiative to that country. Dr. Hill is also Founder of the National Association of Christian Care Givers, and a visiting Professor at Sakal Bible College and Seminary.

She has researched, written, and edited “The Role of Ministry in Disease Prevention”,  “The Mingled Seed", & "The New Face on Childcare.” She has also developed curriculum for the Ford Motor Company-Daycare Provider Training Program and more.


Her dedication to the health and well-being of others has
earned Dr. Hill The Black Essence Award in 2010, and the Lady of Distinction Award in 2018. Now she is absolutely ecstatic to bring her 25 years of experience and knowledge to you!



The following topics that will be taught during this informative series include - but are not limited to the following:


The chemistry of food

& its relationship to disease.


Your body,

Fearfully & wonderfully made.


Igniting immunity

that lasts forever.


Does God 

violate His own laws & principles for health?


The principles

of walking in super-"natural" health.


How Cancer

uses the body to become indestructable.


What does the mingled seed

have to do with auto-immune disease?


And so much more!


Please be sure to note the dates and times of these sessions.

There are Thursday evening dates - as well as Saturday evening dates that are available to join. Classes will not be rescheduled or repeated unless cancelled or postponed by the Instructor.

Please be sure to complete the form below to complete your registration.

Dates To Remember :

Thursday - 11/16/23  from 7:00pm - 7:30pm(CST) 


During this online meeting, you will be given an in-depth introduction to this series - as well as all the information you need to prepare you for class on the following week. this would be a good time to ask Dr. Hill any questions that you may have about the class.

Please bring a notebook and pen.

(The Zoom Link will be sent by email 1 week prior.)

1st Class

Thursday - 11/30/23 from 7:30pm - 8:30pm(CST)

Saturday 12/02/23 from 2pm - 3:00pm(CST)


(Link will be sent by email 1 week prior.)

2nd Class

Thursday - 12/07/23 from 7:30pm - 8:30pm(CST)

Saturday 12/09/23 from 2:00pm - 3:00pm(CST)


(Link will be sent byemail 1 week prior.)

1st Class

Thursday - 12/14/23 from 7:30pm - 8:30pm(CST)

Saturday 12/16/23 from 2pm - 3:00pm(CST)


(Link will be sent by email 1 week prior.)


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